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  • Same Day Garage Door Repair Altamonte Springs Fl
  • Family owned for 30+ years – We answer our phones
  • We are trained in all brands of garage door repair
  • We stock Garage Openers on our Truck for Fast Replacement
  • Great Prices With Reliable Ontime Service
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction
  • Licensed & Insured

fast garage door repair nowSave $100 New Garage Doors !

Best pricing around.  Save $40 off one new door and $100 off 2 doors. Brand name doors sold & Installed.



Services Offered:

  • Garage Door Repair in Altamonte Springs
  •  Same Day Service
  • Garage Door Replacement & Installation – Multiple Lines of Doors available
  • All Brands/Makes serviced
  • Broken springs replacements
  • Openers repair & replacements
  • 24/7 Commercial Overhead Door Repair
  • All Work Guaranteed
  • Licensed & Insured CRC1329903


Same Day Garage Door Repair Service

fast reliable garage door repairWe all need a reliable garage door repair professional company that we can call and get the proper repairs for our garage door.  Qualilty Garage Door Service is equipped to handle all garage door repair jobs that you may need. When your garage door is broken, our family wants it fixed NOW.  It is a good idea to find a local garage door repair company that you can rely on to be honest with pricing and show up on time to do the garage repairs that they promise.

Garage repair starts with selecting a reputable and reliable garage door repair company with experience.  Many homeowners who choose just anybody with a truck can be disappointed.  Quality Garage service has 30+ years’ experience in all aspects of garage door repair.  All our garage repair crew are factory trained and know the garage door repair business clearly.

Reliable Garage Door with Professional Service

Garage door repair can be tricky.  We all have friends that my recommend a relative that is a jack of all trades and need work.  Garage door repair requires someone with the right skills and someone who is licensed and insured.  If they are a handyman and get injured on the job, you may be liable if they are not insured properly.   Choose a company that is honest and reliable that you will get the result you are looking for.

There are many aspects as what can go wrong with our garage door.  You may need a new garage opener installed.  Sometimes the garage door opener has a short and can be repaired.  If your garage door needs new parts, choose a company that does not use cheap parts.  Cheap parts may not last long and you do not want another service call in one year.  Same with choosing a cheap garage opener.  Choose one that will last.

Garage Repair Guarantee – We Show Up On time

Because you are on this website, we want to assure you that we pay close attention to detail and professionalism.  We show up on time and do what we say we will do.  We offer honest pricing along with the highest standard of garage door repair.  Whether you are looking for a garage door, garage door replacement, broken springs or just need fast garage door repair work that you can count on.  Call for fast service today.


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Same Day Service Garage Opener

Garage Door Opener Repair & Replacement


fast garage opener repair and replacementExpect to replace your garage opener every 5-10 years depending how close you live from the salty air near the ocean. Salt will corrode the garage opener along with lubrication the rollers can help prolong the life of a garage opener. Another area that we need to consider is the brand and quality of the garage door opener we choose to install for our garage. It pays not to buy a cheap model.  Quality Garage Door offers options for garage opener with Genie openers and heavy duty openers installed and sold


Plan on replacing your garage door opener more often if you choose to purchase a lower quality garage opener. Many times we move into a used home and didn’t choose the current garage opener. Servicing the garage door by checking and lubricating all the moving parts helps. We stock Genie openers and heavy duty garage openers on our service trucks ready for immediate installation.

Quality Garage Openers Installed & Rapair

When you call us for service, all our garage door repair service people will do an inspection of your garage door. We also sell and install immediately all the Genie openers and heavy duty garage door openers along with warranties on them. We will check for anything that will cause the garage door to not move smoothly. We check for door balance, missing bolts & screws, rollers and lubrication of all moving parts.

Not all garage door repair calls turn out what we thought it would be. Sometimes our clients think that the need garage door opener replacement. Sometimes it turns out to be loose wires, objects blocking the garage door or your garage door needs some repair service.

Garage Door Repair & Maintenance

Replacing a garage opener for safety reasons or because it is making too much noise makes sense. Newer garage openers are available that will be more efficient along with running noise free. Sometimes the noise is because we have not lubricated the rollers and moving parts. If the opener is making noise, it will stop working sooner or later. It is a good idea to replace it sooner before you cannot get the car out of the garage. Call for fast same day service.

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Garage Door Replacement Garage Door InstalledCommercial Overhead Door Repair

Best Prices Garage Door Replacement

garage door repair & replacement in Altamonte Springs FlAccidents happen, when it does you’re probably looking for a company that can solve the problem quickly with fair and honest prices. Garage door replacement is what we do daily. We sell and install garage doors that will enhance the value of your home and add curb appeal. All our doors are of the highest quality and have a lifetime warranty for discoloring, rust, pealing and performance.  Our team at Quality Garage Door Service understands the need to make your home a place your proud of and we will respond quickly.


We offer 2 basic options for your new overhead door that you will really like. We start with both being highly durable with steel construction and quality garage doors built to last a life time. Both have a lifetime guarantee. Both have curb appeal and come in a variety of colors. You will be happy with either choice and the first level is easier on your pocket book.

Best Options for Garage Door Repair – Lifetime Guarantee!

Both of our options for garage door comes in color options of white, brown, almond and sandstone. These colors will give you décor options and curb appeal. The construction of our overhead garages doors it top of the line. No-Flex operation to ensure door glides firmly and limiting vibration. Since it will better sealed, you will save on energy bills and have less bugs in the garage.

If you want to save on your energy bill, the higher level doors is a good option. Because of our hot summers in Florida (especially if your garage door faces west in the afternoon sun) the garage can become quite hot. The insulation will reduce the garage heat and you will save money on your energy bills. Both door options is the same durable construction with the insulation being the main difference.

We install & Service All Garage Door we Sell & Install

We find that if your garage door meets your car fender, we don’t want it to be displayed to all our neighbors. We offer quality built garage door replacement at some of the best prices around. We promise to respond quickly with fair and honest prices. We have our own overhead door installation crew and we service all the products that we sell. Call for a free estimate today!


Garage Door Repair Services Offered:

  • Garage Door Repair in Altamonte Springs
  •  Same Day Service
  • Garage Door Replacements – Multiple Lines of Doors available
  • All Brands/Makes serviced
  • Broken springs replacements
  • Openers repair & replacements
  • Garage door installations
  • 24/7 Commercial Overhead Door Repair
  • Commercial Overhead Door Openers repair/replacements
  • New overhead door replacements – sales & installations
  • Commercial overhead door service contracts available
  • Licensed & Insured & guaranteed

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24/7 Overhead Door Repair Commercial Overhead door Reliable Service Garage Door Repair Best Around

24/7 Commercial Overhead Door Repair

garage door team ready for repairsFor those who are looking to get into the demanding commercial overhead door repair business you will find that it is much different from the regular but similar garage door repair business. It is similar in that they are repairing an overhead door. It is different because the skill set, knowledge and tools necessary to provide the proper service and parts along with the repairs is more demanding.

Every business owner needs suppliers that they can count on. If you’re business is involved in the shipping and receiving business, developing a relationship with a professional commercial overhead door repair company is a must in order to keep the business running smoothly. Having a forklift run into the overhead door or a truck do damage to the door can and will cause profit loss and problems.

Overhead Door Replacement

Commercial overhead door repair and overhead door replacement is a must service and need to be offered quickly any time of day. Should a truck or forklift damage an overhead door, service is need immediately. The business cannot leave his business doors open to the public all night while he waits for someone to replace the overhead door. They need to have parts and repair crews on the job immediately.

Overhead door repair for businessThe business community is not as forgiving as the home garage door repair service. First, the business community is more demanding. The person you usually deal with is the warehouse manager and they have a boss over their head. The business that plans ahead and when the warehouse manager calls with an emergency and you solve it, you get to keep their business. If not, you may never get their business back.


This article describes Quality Garage Door services for the business owner looking for the best in commercial overhead door repair and replacement. We are ready to keep your business running smoothly and we answer the phone 24/7 for emergency service calls. We have many well trained personal trained in all aspects of Commercial overhead door repair and replacement.

What We Can Do For You

    • Garage Door Repair quickly
    • Broken Spring Replacement
    • Commercial Overhead Door Repair Service
    • New Garage Door Replacements at a great price
    • Garage Door Openers sold & installed
    • 24 Hour Service


Our commitment to quality garage door repairs

Quality Garage door Service is a family owned and run business that is committed garage door repair service in Altamonte Springs to providing the best possible service for garage door repairs in Central Florida. We fix broken springs for garage doors, offer brand-new garage door repair and repair all brands and models of garage door. We sell, repair and install garage door openers for all garage doors. If you should damage your garage door with your auto, we carry a line of garage door replacement that will fit your needs. We sell wood doors, aluminum and vinyl doors.

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